Nightly distributions of LCDproc's CVS tree

These files contain the lastest state of the code in the CVS tree.

They're created every night from the previous day's work, they may not compile or work. If you're looking for something that works, you should look at the release section on LCDproc's web site.

There are several files here to represent the state of the branches in the CVS tree. The branches are there to separate the "almost ready to release" code from the "bleading edge" code. Here are the available distributions:

The nightly distributions are currently out of order. Please go to and click on "Download GNU tarball" to get a snapshot of the latest code.

stable-0-5-x lcdproc-CVS-stable-0-5-x.tar.gz
current lcdproc-CVS-current.tar.gz

The distributions were last generated on Wed Apr 10 08:23:14 CEST 2013 .

Older stuff

These files are not generated every night. They're usually older branches that are not developped anymore.

stable-0-4-x lcdproc-CVS-stable-0-4-x.tar.gz lcdproc-CVS-stable-0-4-x.tar.bz2
stable-0-4-4 lcdproc-CVS-stable-0-4-4.tar.gz lcdproc-CVS-stable-0-4-4.tar.bz2
stable-0-4-3 lcdproc-CVS-stable-0-4-3.tar.gz lcdproc-CVS-stable-0-4-3.tar.bz2
stable-0-4-2 lcdproc-CVS-stable-0-4-2.tar.gz lcdproc-CVS-stable-0-4-2.tar.bz2

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