LCDProc Smoketest: Simple Compilation

This is the description of the smoke tests for LCDproc. If you're not a LCDproc developer, you won't find anything usefull here, you should rather check out LCDproc's webpage.

Simple compilation

This smoketest is simply compiling LCDproc on many platforms and making sure that we get no errors.

The smoketest scripts is located in scripts/nightly/

Here's a more formal description:

  1. Download lastest LCDproc version from CVS.
  2. Edit the DIRECTORY variable of the smoktest script to point to the directory containing the CVS lcdproc.
  3. Run the shell script with sh <branch>. Branch can be one of 'current' or 'stable-0-5-x'.


If you want to report a failure, please include:

Report success
LCDproc compiled without error.
Report failure
LCDproc compilation produced an error.

An example report is available. You can use this as a template.

Supported platforms

LCDproc has been reported to successfully run on the following operating systems

Various distributions (Debian, RedHat, SuSE, ...) with various kernel version from 2.2.x to 2.6.x
Various versions from 4.x to 6.x
Various versions from 1.5 to 3.x
Version 3.x
Mac OS X / Darwin
Various versions from 10.3.8 (Panther) to 10.4.8 (Tiger)

If you want to use LCDproc on a platform that is not listed here or in the unsupported platforms, this is usually because we have not tested it on this platform. Give it a try and tell us if it worked!

Unsupported platforms

We know LCDproc won't compile on these platforms. You don't need to report a failed smoketest on them.

Solaris version < 2.6 (SunOS version < 5.6)
Reason: stdio.h does not define snprintf()

If you deeply want LCDproc to compile on one of these platforms, ask on the mailing list and we'll try to make it work.